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Faculty of Arts and Architecture Technical University of Liberec

University: Technical University of Liberec
Name of faculty: Faculty of Arts and Architecture
Street: Studentská 2
Post code: 461 17
City: Liberec
Province: Liberecký
Country: Czech Republic
Phone: 485 353 506
Type of school: university
Quality certificates: ECTS, DS

Application information

Application fee 600 Kč
Application deadline 30. 11. 2020
Open day 21. listopadu 2020
Application link

Entrance examination

Entrance examination Ano
Form of entrance exams Talentové zkoušky
Date of entrance exams 15. 1. 2021

Files for download

Fields of study

Name of the field Type of study Form of study Language of study
Architektura a urbanismus
Doctoral Full-time
Výtvarná umění - Tvorba ve veřejném prostoru
Follow-up master's
Full-time Czech