Faculty of Tropical AgroSciences Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

University: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Name of faculty: Faculty of Tropical AgroSciences
Street: Kamýcká 129
Post code: 165 00
City: Prague 6 - Suchdol
Province: Praha
Country: Czech Republic
Phone: 224 382 922
E-mail: admission_ftz@ftz.czu.cz
Web: www.ftz.czu.cz
Type of school: university
Quality certificates: ECTS, DS

Application information

Number of admitted students 241
Number of applicants 460
Application fee 500 Kč
Probability of admission 52 %
Application deadline 31. 3. 2021
Open day on-line 23. 1. 2021
Application link https://is.czu.cz/prihlaska/

Entrance examination

Entrance examination ANO u vybraných oborů
Form of entrance exams vlastní forma testů
Preparatory courses NE
Date of entrance exams 7. – 11. 6. 2021
Model of entrance exams www.ftz.czu.cz/cs/r-6857-studium/r-13246-uchazeci-o-bakalarske-studium/r-13273-program-tz-prijimaci-rizeni-pro-rok-2021-2022 https://www.ftz.czu.cz/cs/r-6857-studium/r-13246-uchazeci-o-bakalarske-studium/r-13274-program-icard-prijimaci-rizeni-pro-rok-2021
Focus on subjects Biologie, angličtina, geografie

Further information

Files for download

Fields of study

Name of the field Type of study Form of study Language of study
Agri-food Systems and Rural Development Follow-up master's Full-time English
International Cooperation in Agriculture and Rural Development Bachelor Full-time English
International Development and Agricultural Economics Follow-up master's Full-time English
Tropical Crop Management and Ecology Follow-up master's Full-time English
Tropical Farming Systems Follow-up master's Full-time English
Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry Follow-up master's Full-time English
Tropické zemědělství Bachelor Full-time Czech
Wildlife and Livestock Production, Management and Conservation Follow-up master's Full-time English
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