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Faculty of Law Masaryk University

University: Masaryk University
Name of faculty: Faculty of Law
Street: Veveří 70
Post code: 611 80
City: Brno
Province: Jihomoravský
Country: Czech Republic
Phone: 549 495 284, 549 496 579
Type of school: university
Quality certificates: ECTS, DS

Application information

Number of admitted students 885
Number of applicants 2531
Application fee 800 Kč
Probability of admission 35 %
Application deadline 28. 2. 2023 (Mgr. a Bc.), 30. 4. 2023 (NMgr.)
Open day 23. 1. 2023
Application link

Entrance examination

Entrance examination ANO
Form of entrance exams vlastní forma testů - TSP
Preparatory courses ANO
Date of entrance exams od ledna do dubna 2023
Model of entrance exams

Further information

Masaryk University is a leading Czech educational and research institution. We offer you 1,400 fields and combinations at 9 faculties in the center of the Moravian metropolis and on a modern university campus.

Files for download

Fields of study

Name of the field Type of study Form of study Language of study
Mezinárodněprávní obchodní studia
Bachelor Combined Czech
Právo a právní věda
Master's Full-time Czech
Teorie a praxe trestního a správního procesu
Bachelor Combined Czech
Veřejná správa
Follow-up master's
Combined Czech
Vyšší justiční úředník
Bachelor Combined Czech